MacBook Etching

I’m just glad someone caught it! :wink:

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I laughed at it too. :stuck_out_tongue:


My first cut - on a piece of an old MacBook. I’m pretty happy with it


I’m just getting a 404 on your link.

Just fixed the broken link

I’m trying to do a Macbook Air, so am I supposed to remove everything and make my own base so this will work? I tried one pass set to HD Engrave and nothing happened. just a few very light brown areas from the text I put there.

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Hello. Your best option for finding out more about doing that would be to do a search here on the forum. I just typed in “engraving macbook” and several posts came up. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks, Im new to GF community. Just got my machine and there is so much i’d like to do.


Well, welcome to the forum. I think you’ll love it here. Looking forward to seeing your projects!


I etched on a chromebook, there was a bad smell, the chromebook warped slightly, and the oil from my fingers affected the etch but overall it looked pretty nice IMG_20190223_145446


:slight_smile: … we lost a knight, a few regiment of archers and thousands of peasants starved but it was a successful campaign overall.

I like how you think, and that looks better than pretty nice.



Blockquote :slight_smile: … we lost a knight, a few regiment of archers and thousands of peasants starved but it was a successful campaign overall.

hilarious :joy:

Omg I sooooo want to do this but it’s so scary!! :fearful:

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I really love what you guys have done.

I want to attempt etching my mac book pro as well.

How do you overcome the 12.7 mm material thickness?
and what focus height did you use? Did you remove the honeycomb? How do you then calculate thinkness+focus?



This might help

I’ve been reading through this thread and then doing some practice on an old Macbook. I’m testing on the battery cover for a very old Macbook Pro. I found that if the focus height is set to .5" instead of the actual height of the material, .2", the etching comes out better, darker. Any ideas as to why? The settings I’m using are 300/Full/340 LPI.

Moving this thread over to Beyond the Manual since it’s stuffed full of non-PG settings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t have an answer to your question, since I can’t imagine why defocusing would make the engrave darker, but maybe someone else will come along who has an idea!

Because you’re spreading the beam wider which gives you the same effect as higher LPIs which on anodized coatings ablate more of the coating or dye. On some materials like wood, a defocused image is usually lighter because less power is applied to any given point on the material. On aluminum, there’s no real difference between enough power to mark and multiples of that power in terms of the effect. You are getting less power with the defocused setting but it’s still well over the minimum needed to ablate the coloring.

The advantage of defocus over increased LPI is speed - your defocused 340 LPI is much faster than say a focused 1350 LPI at the same speed & power as it’s making 1/4 of the passes.