Machine 7. Failed again first try. FURIOIUS

Me again. Machine after machine just keeps arriving in nonworking quality. Amazingly I’m not even surprised any longer. I have just received the 7th machine this year. SEVEN. It takes over a month each time it fails to get a replacement. Out of the 7 machines, 4 have failed the first day or the very first print. Today, I set up the newest replacement. After boxing up 6 machines this year and unboxing 7 machines there was NO surprise at all… the rear exhaust doesn’t work. I got to sit here breathing in burning acrylic and watching the back exhaust fan never kick on. Wonderful! Money and time well spent.

Over the past year, I got to spend more time unboxing and boxing up machines than I do getting to use my $6000 machines that I’ve purchased. I have asked each and every time to have someone call me personally because I am so sick of receiving copy and paste apology letters by email from someone different each and every time. How many times have I gotten a call? ZERO. Thanks Glowforge. I really appreciate the quality service that I have received with the SEVEN machines. I am so sick of this. What are my next steps? Should I start boxing up this machine and wait until Septemeber for round 8 to show up? A warranty is no good if you never get to use your machine.

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Do you have the compact air filter tab switched on by accident? it stops the rear exhaust fan in the machine.
You can get to the setting by clicking on the 3 dots on the top bar of the dashboard. If it is set like this the fan will on.


Thank you for your help, but no, the air filter tab is not clicked to the on position

Np, record the date and time of the print where the fan failed and support staff can pull the logs from the machine easier.

Oh no!

I’ve checked the repair logs, and I’ve been able to confirm the fan was working as expected in the repair facility.

The cable for the fan may have been jostled and unplugged during shipping.

Let’s see if it’s just unplugged!

  1. Turn off your Glowforge.

  2. Open the lid.

  3. Gently roll your laser arm to the front of your unit​​.

  4. Look for a black cable with a white connector.

  5. If the connector is plugged into the board, wiggle it very gently to make sure it is secure. If it is, skip the next steps, and let me know that it was plugged in properly.

  6. If the connector is unplugged or unsecured, locate the clip on the connector​.

  7. Then, gently plug it into the board as shown in the photo. The clip should face towards the center of the bed of the unit.

    Better photo of the board with the fan plug indicated:

  8. Close the lid, turn your Glowforge back on, and repeat the steps for the test print we did in the last message.

  9. Check if the fan spins up during the print.

Let me know what you find!


It was plugged in already.

I still don’t have a working machine.

It looks like you tried the fan maintenance tool. Great idea.

From the logs I can see, it looks like fan still never came on for you, is that correct?

I’m working with the team to determine if there is anything else we could try to get that unit working for you remotely.

I’ll follow up as soon.

Correct, the fan never started. I tried unplugging and plugging back in the wire for the fan as well before that.

I have no idea how your fan might have stopped working, while everything else is working, but this is clearly a tragedy. I am truly sorry.

I had hoped we could come up with a remote solution. That search is done.

I’ll send an email shortly to arrange a replacement.

Can this replacement be rushed to me please? It has been months of me waiting for a working machine.

I’ve moved our discussion to email, so i’m going to close this thread.