Machine dead - no power

Turned it off after working OK.
Turned it on again - nothing.
Power cable and power socket are sound -tested on other equipment,
No action from my GF at all :frowning:

Please help!!!

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Left it off for an hour, and it powered up OK.
Did a couple of small cuts, turned it off.
Now it won’t power up again.

And its going again… Any advice from the secret records??

Don’t recall ever seeing that one, you will probably need to wait for support - sorry…

I used to own some Bowens studio lights which had a thermal cut-out. They would work fine until you turned them off - and that would trip the thermal cutout. Wait 30 minutes and then you could power it up again.

Having had it happen 4 times today I think that is what is going on here. After a wait of a good while (maybe 30 minutes or more) the GF will fire back up again and work perfectly until turned off once more.

Temperatures today are around 27degrees. But I don’t think it is actually the temperature, but a cut-out feature that is triggering.

Of course, this is all speculation and I hope the support team can tell me more.

Do you have a Pro by chance? There is a safety interlock on the back of the machine that sometimes causes behavior like this. Check to make sure it is fully inserted.

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Should have said it is a Basic. No interlock.

That won’t cut power to the machine. It’s basically the same as lifting the lid - in that it cancels a print (or prevents it from starting).

Do you have your GF on a new circuit? If your have had recent rewiring & new circuit or panel, could the breaker may be tripping?? (though usually you have to reset a breaker yourself, so you usually know…). The GF is not supposed to be on a GFCI circuit, but also I have trouble with many power tools since newest code requires a new arc-fault detection, and my electrician grumbled extensively since it wasn’t really a well tested thing when I had my house fully rewired in 2015, and many basic power tools would trip these (and thus he replaced some with the breakers without this new “feature” and I don’t trip the breakers any more trying to use my power tools).

No. But cable and socket work when used on other equipment. Its not the wiring, it is definitely the GF.

OK, temperature? If it’s too hot inside the unit, that could prevent it from starting up–is your exhaust hose clear and free of obstructions? Do you have anything sitting up against the right side of the machine, or piece of paper stuck on the bottom right side blocking the air inflow? Even if the room temp & outside air temp is OK, if the airflow is restricted into the unit from the right side or out from the exhaust port, it will cause issues (not 100% sure if overtemp sensor triggered prevents unit from powering up, but always good to verify air flow in & out of the unit is good).

(There are lot of threads about exhaust & ventilation–if the hose is vertical and/or too long a run, it can significantly & adversely affect the air flow and operation of the GF).

I think those things will cause the machine not to cut, but it will still power on.

More than likely that’s the case, thus I used “could” in my sentence–but I had something funky because I did have my airflow blocked–it was so long ago i can’t recall if it did prevent powering on, or just getting the white glowing button, because the fan is the first things you hear powering up.

Hopefully GF techs chime in soon with effective solution!

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I don’t think so, room temperature is 21 deg tonight (69 deg for old fashion countries)

I will stick a thermometer inside - you may have seen my other thread about engraves suddenly stopping part way through - which I would also suspect as a temperature problem. Except I’ve been running for longer and in hotter weather before without issue.

Hi, be sure to check the cleanliness of the exhaust fan & port–if the fan is getting gunked up, it can get so bad it stops working! And this might tie into the failures during a job or between jobs…?

Also if there is a build up of debris within the vent hose, this can restrict air flow & the fan has to work harder to move the air & eventually stops working because it’s been over loaded! (there are threads out there with really good instructions on how to clean the exhaust fan!)

It definitely isn’t that - it gets well cleaned regularly anyway, but I did give it a good cleaning just in case.

Given the engraving failing to engrave in the middle of the job, the lifting the lid not canceling the prints, not powering on, etc. I’d assume you have something going on besides the basic suggestions of things to check.

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Yep, sounds like a hardware issue to me.

Thank you all so much for helping @sfw, it has been awesome! I’m afraid we won’t be able to resolve this remotely. We’ll follow up in email with next steps.