Machine died and won’t turn back on

Hello all,
My machine shut itself off when I was about to print and now it won’t turn back on. Outlet works fine. Tried a different outlet and still nothing. Changed the power cord, still nothing. I have a pro and it doesn’t have the fuse on the back with a spare to change it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We reach out to customer service on Wednesday as soon as it happened, but haven’t hear back yet.

Thanks in advance!

That isn’t a fuse on the back, it’s a safety interrupt to stop the laser from firing. If it is pulled out the machine would still have power and lights, it just wouldn’t fire the laser.

Support is slow, but they will respond.


Thank you! I did see the safety pin. When I sent my report in they immediately sent a few forums that showed a fuse on the back between the plug and power switch. Not sure what models have that, but ours doesn’t.

Thanks for your reply though.

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No model has a fuse. As stated, the interlock just halts the machine, it would still power up but will not operate.


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