Machine does nothing after Premium trial expired

Of like to start off by saying $50 for a premium membership just so you can print a project on your own time is ludicrous. So my “free trial” ended today. Ok, that’s fine. I didn’t use anything out of the GlowForge catalog. I log into my app and turn on the machine and I see now I have to wait… and wait… and wait just to start a project. Then after the timer runs to 0, nothing. It won’t scan, it won’t let me begin a project, it doesn’t even acknowledge when the lid is opened and closed. So then I close out and try again. Guess what?? I have to wait again… to say I’m frustrated with this machine and Glowforge at this point is an understatement. This is no $500 dollar machine where I can cut my losses. I have turned off my machine, waited an hour, went back and waited for the stupid timer to allow me to do something and it still is not doing a dang thing.
This machine has worked perfectly since I got it, and now that my trial has ended its not doing anything.

I’m confused about what timer you’re talking about…can you maybe post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I have not been able to print anything all afternoon. It puts another 5 min on and then once the timer goes to 0 the machine just sits there and does nothing. It won’t scan, it won’t acknowledge my material settings. I will open the door and then close it, nothing. I restart the machine and then the timer starts all over again and the machine does nothing. I’m so frustrated. I have spent hours today restarting, waiting, trying again, waiting. This is wasting my time and money.

I am having a hard time understanding what you are saying. The trial ending did not mess with your machine. You talk of the timer that is supposed to tell you how long a cut will take, and you have to start a cut to start the timer. I am not aware of any other time the timer is active.

If you set up and the Glowforge is either too hot or too cold, it will stop and wait, and the clock will not wait, but that is the only time I know of that the timer will continue while the machine is not moving. In any case if the clock is counting down and the machine is not working there is no need to wait for the timer to finish.

In any case support will be along and likely ask similar questions and a step by step of the steps you take and the result of each step and a photo of what you are seeing will save a lot of time,


The expiration of the premium trial would have no affect on your ability to use the GF. It will function exactly as it did before the trial period, any issue is purely coincidental.


Share experience : my trial has expired too without any difference on my machine. I think your problem has nothing to do with premium trial. johnrancheta seems to be right.

Many, and I mean many of us do not have the premium subscription and there has been no changes to our workflow because of it. What you are experiencing is probably a wifi issue.

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I’m so sorry for the trouble.

It looks like your Glowforge lost it’s network connection during that print, and is currently offline.

The next time it comes online, your Glowforge will let the app know the print has been completed.

Can you try restarting your Glowforge, and if that doesn’t work, your wireless networking equipment?


It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email