Machine down, Need help filling an order

My machine is needing to be sent in for repair but I had an order that I was almost finished with that needed something cut. Would anyone be willing to help me get them cut and mail them to me? Will pay for the help! I need a small piece from proofgrade cherry and a few small things on 1/8” Baltic birch. Thanks in advance!

In south Mississippi if you are local it would be even better.

You might be able to save on shipping costs if you list your area? You might be able to find someone close?

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I’m unfortunately 2000 miles from my machine, but I think if you were to change your post title to something like “machine down, need some help filling my orders,” you’d get more response. Otherwise it reads like a tech support post, and a lot of people might just scroll past it.

Good luck!


How many do you need? How soon? Do you have a picture so we can get an idea how we might help you?

Here is what I need cut.
Stavros Order - Brackets.pdf (70.1 KB) Stavros Order - Sign.pdf (114.3 KB)

The Brackets would just need to be cut in 1/8 baltic birch or whatever is available and the Sign would need to be cut out of proofgrade cherry hardwood. With the black letters engraved as SD Graphic.

How soon and how many? I have no PF cherry on hand and would have to order it in.

What about PG walnut, it would work as well.

It would just be what is in the file.

I will have to check to see what all I have. I’ve used most of my PG material waiting for the GF store to restock, I have tons of mdf and non PG oak plywood.

I think the oak ply would work for the sign. I was supposed to have it mailed on Friday but explained to them the situation.

I have two 12x12 1/4" baltic birch but no cherry or walnut. I also have thick and medium draft board.

I am in the middle of a project right now, but I will load the files and cut these out this afternoon and send you pictures to see if they will work for you. If you like them, I’ll drop them in the mail. You say you are in southern Mississippi?

If Steve, cannot get to them. I have 1/8" baltic and med. Cherry ply in my inventory.
I’m in the Memphis area, not exactly a short hop from south Mississippi, but can run the parts and have ready to ship from Fed Ex first thing in the morning.

Just let me know,


That will work! Thank you so much! Do you have cash app or Venmo to send the money to you?

Kenny that would be even better, I was really hoping for some cherry for the sign

Thanks for your offer Steve, I appreciate it, Kenny said he had the cherry and 1/8 Baltic so that will work out perfect.

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I just moved from Bay St Louis, MS to east Texas…


Kenny to the rescue!

That’s some good forumming.

Hopefully you’ll stick around and show us some stuff and tricks, @acustomtouch. It’s been quite a while since we last saw you, it’d be nice to see what you’re up to when you’re not in need of help :slight_smile:


I know, I will definitely try to pay it forward in the future.

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