Machine head doesn't move on startup

Always before when starting it would run through a move cycle?

Does the Glowforge show offline in the app?

Yes but also my laser does hone(move) after turning on

You said it didn’t. What is the point of this thread?

The point … Im trying to figure out why it doesn’t move after I turn the switch to the on position even if it’s off line it should still move, right?

I’m confused. Either it does or it doesn’t. Which one is it?


No, if the machine cannot connect to wifi, it will not move when powered on.


I’ll add - if the machine fails to connect at initial start-up (just a matter of seconds), it will not attempt to reconnect. It has to be power-cycled to try again. There is also no indication on the machine that it failed to connect (other than the fact that it doesn’t go thru the startup routine.)


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