Machine is down

Here is the original thread that GF locked to respond to me by email.

I received an email Saturday in response to my original email and was happily surprised to get communication on the weekend. I have responded several times with updates to help GF try to solve things on their end as I try to troubleshoot my issue. I sent GF a follow up email late this morning for a follow up on the status and I have yet to hear back from them. I heard back right away on a Saturday but I haven’t received any response since then and it’s 5pm CST on Monday. I just figured that someone would be working on this a bit more attentively for what these machines cost. I feel like someone responded just to respond and now I have fallen to the bottom of the list. My machine is down and my business is crippled. I would like to add that it is now currently acting like normal except it just wont fire. The tube doesn’t light up and I am out of ideas on my end. I find it odd that this issue happened right after my machine updated and I would like to know if there is a way to roll it back to a previous OS version to eliminate that as a possibility? My wife wants us to buy a second machine to not only assist with speeding up projects the first machine is working on but also incase of issues like this. We were throwing this idea around before this happened but I have told her we are waiting to decide on Glowforge as our second machine because this is the first time we have had an issue and I am concerned about how slow the tech communication is. I have retyped this a few times to try and keep the aggravation out of the sound of this post, to remain civilized. We love our machine and I do understand that any machine is going to have issues, I am just hesitant at the service so far. Why is there not an option for a tech call to assist in trouble shooting once you have reached a certain point? If the machine needs to go in then let’s not take too long to figure that out please.

I’m sorry for the frustration this has caused. It looks like my colleague Melanie just emailed you back with some next steps. I’m going to close this thread and we can keep working with you there.