Machine is stuck on Centering...have tried everything we know to fix

Help! Our Glowforge is not working. When the Glowforge boots up, the head does not move to re-calibrate. The dashboard says it is either Centering, Homing, or Scanning…now it has remained at Centering. We have cleaned all of the lenses multiple times, re-set up the Glowforge WiFi (it says that we had success and it is connected to our home WiFi). We have rebooted several times to no avail. The button light is not on. We read about re-setting the WiFi. So I pressed the button down for approx. 10 seconds, it went blue and then we went through the WiFi set up again. The machine turns on, the lights come on, we hear the normal clicking and powering on. But the head is not moving and my computer screen says that it is Centering. And the picture we see on the dashboard is the one from the last printing I attempted to do.
On that last attempted print, the button light blinked as usual and I hit the button. Everything powered up so I left the room for a few minutes. I came back within a few minutes to find the laser head stopped over where it was supposed to have cut. When I went to my computer, the screen indicated that the print was done and a success. And yet nothing had been cut.
As like so many people in this community, I am dependent upon this machine for my business. I have workshops scheduled, an event coming up and now my work has come to a complete stop. We are anxiously waiting for your help and guidance. Thank you, Laura/Joe

Sounds like you’ve done everything you can except post clear, close-up pics of all the black lid cable connections. Support can then check and if all seems in-order, will likely need to send you a replacement.

Hello @obinan, I see you also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded there, so I’m going to close this topic.