Machine is too cold to work?

I have the Glow Forge Pro. Today I cleaned it after I was finished using it. Same as always. This time I decided to give it a thorough cleaning because the laser isn’t cutting on the same spot as my designs. I used lens cleaner and a lens cloth to wash the film off the inside of the top door. I took the crumb tray out to give a good cleaning and put it back. I normally use a soft creavis tool to vacuum it. I wiped down the sides of all debris. The only thing I did differently this time is I hand wiped the inside of the machine, belts, wires and components instead of vacuuming it with the creavis tool. I have it vented outside with an acrylic flap on it to keep the critters and debris from getting inside. It’s closed and sealed shut when the machine is not in use and the flap is open before I power up the machine. Today I insulated the exhaust pipe after turning the machine back on and getting the yellow button. The app says the machine is too cold so I assumed this meant the exhaust pipe is letting in too much cold air. My house is at 69F so it can’t be that. Turned the machine off, waited a few minutes and turned it back on hoping that would fix it. Still got the yellow button. What is going on here?

It sounds like perhaps you damaged or unplugged the wires leading to the temperature sensor when you wiped down the wires. Or, you may have shorted something when you hand wiped the components. Here’s a recent discussion with some photos to help you identify the wire bundle and circuit board that include the temperature sensor:

You should probably avoid trying to clean any wires or components in your Glowforge – stick to just what the manual tells you to clean. The electronic components are more than happy to do their work while looking dirty, but are easily damaged by cleaning efforts.


This didn’t happen by cleaning it was in the middle of a cut then too hot turned off turned back on after time and this was what it was wouldn’t have even known to look there if you didn’t suggest that cord being in the way but glad you did led to quick diagnosis and they are sending me a new one

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@terresaholt I am so sorry your Glowforge printer had a yellow button and was cooling. It looked like you sent us an email regarding this issue and I’m happy to see we were able to assist in resolving it. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.