Machine just arrived first print didn't cut through

I received my glow forge today, followed all the instructions to unbox and set up, followed all the instructions to Make your first prints used the proofgrade medium draftboard for the gift of good measure and followed all the instructions, everything seemed to be going well but when I came to take the finished product out the cut wasn’t anywhere near through the draft board. What did I do wrong?

Perhaps you did nothing wrong. Can try again, but take a screenshot before you click print and share it here?

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Still no joy

That is absolutely perfect. Support will want to see photos of the front and back of the project if it doesn’t print perfectly along with the time and date of the print. One last thing - and don’t do this with the machine on - make sure you didn’t accidentally get a finger smudge on the window on the side of the printhead. You can wipe it with a Zeiss wipe.

ok thanks for your help. Ill try that before I have another go.

gave window a wipe with the one Zeiss wipe that came with machine still no better in fact from left to right the score and engrave lines are becoming weaker far right of cut now hardly readable support it is but that will have to wait till the morning now. Thanks again for taking the time to try and help.

I don’t know how but fading power going off to the right is almost always about the window hiding under the left side of the gantry. It only take a tiny bit of smutz to throw off the focus and the farther the head is away from that window the worse that effect is.

Thanks for the info @rbtdanforth I’ve tried cleaning the 2 in the print head and the one hidden under the casing on the left but still had no joy at one point it was worse and hardly touched the draft board at all. however I will give it another go. Thanks again

I’m having the exact same issue so would be really interested to know whether you get a resolution

@millyandme ill let you know fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

thank you

Ive tried all the suggestions in the auto reply email from Patrick S and replied to the email. Awaiting further instructions and help. I’d really love to get going with my new machine while i still have access to the premium catalog trial!

@lordylinda I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is not cutting through your material.

It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.