Machine not cutting - will focus and light blinks but nothing happens

I was cutting fine all day and went to do another cut and it started but didn’t move or do anything but the motor was running. I hit cancel and it stopped and the head went back to the top left corner. Now it won’t do anything when I push the button. I’ve rebooted my computer, turned the machine off and on, cleared everything, put in a new design - it will focus and come up with the time for the job - and the button blinks on and off but when I push it, nothing happens. I can’t even push it down 10 seconds to try and reset the wifi - it never changes to teal. Twice when I started it, the button turned purple for 2-3 seconds and then went off - and it let me get ready again but when it’s time to start, nothing happens.

It seems to hang up when cancelling - I just tried to cancel the last print because pushing the button didn’t work and now my window just says “cancelling” and never closes. The machine will turn off but when I turn it back on, the purple light comes on again for several seconds, then goes off - it focuses again, etc. and gets all the way through setting up another print in a new window - then same thing again. :frowning:

A staff member will be here ASAP, but it might not be til tomorrow AM so here’s a few things to try in the meantime.

1st - Double check that none of the cables (especially the white one to the head) haven’t come loose. With your machine off, check every connection to verify - take photos of them as they may ask.

2nd - the stuck in cancelling could be stuck in your browser - so go and clear the cache and then attempt to upload a :glowforge: provided design (Gift of Good Measure). That should free up that.

3rd - when (if) the GoGM loads take a screen shot showing your entire GFUI from the commands on the left to the timer on the right - and then hit go - presuming it still doesn’t go, note the time you did that.

When a staff member gets here they can look at the logs on the back-end of your machine and that timestamp will help them focus on the right issue.

Hopefully it’s just a simple re-set.

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

All the cables are secure. It looks like the wires going to the button are also okay, but don’t know what they looked like before. The wires look like they’re attached even thought they’re showing. Pic of that is attached.

I can get the browser to clear eventually but it takes a while and has never happened before (almost 2 years). When I open a new one, I can upload a design and it focuses and acts completely normal - even after hitting “ready”. GoGM loads in fine - I tried that earlier and again just now. I get a time and when I try to hit the button to start (it’s flashing blue like normal) nothing happens. Then if I try to cancel the print, it gets stuck cancelling and I have to clear and start over again. Everything seems totally normal - until I try to hit start.

I think it has to be the button somehow - I can’t hold it down to reset the wifi and it doesn’t work to start it. But the fact that when you initially turn on the machine and the button is purple for 2-3 seconds has to be something, too.

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Right - I believe there’s been a prior issue when the button failed, and that one ended with them having to send the machine back in for repair :frowning:

Hopefully it’s electronic and not physical, but I’d start mentally preparing yourself for that!..and maybe digging up the box.

This is a replacement for one that previously failed (different issue) while still under warranty but this one came with zero warranty. Sounds like I may be screwed. :frowning:

How long ago was it replaced?

October 20, 2020

Ah yeah, even if you’d bought it new you’re almost beyond the warranty coverage (and I think they give like like 30 days on replacements). Fingers crossed it’s easy then and a staffer can get you sorted. If not, or you don’t like the price tag attached, then maybe some of the electronics folks on here will have suggestions.

I’m terribly sorry to hear about the trouble with the button. I’ve just replied to your email with the next steps. We’ll continue to work on this with you there, so this post will be closed.

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