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I’m trying to print one of my saved pics. However, it keeps telling me, I’m offline. I am logged in, my printer is on so, I’m not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help?

Your Glowforge is not connected to the internet via your wifi. There could be some new interference in your wifi. Here are some troubleshooting steps from Glowforge:


I’ve occasionally had this happen and I rebooted my computer and the machine and then was fine. You can give that a try, too.

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This is the absolute worst purchase of my life. Constantly goes offline even with my wifi right next to the laser. my other items never have a problem.

Proximity has nothing to do with it.

My GF has performed absolutely perfectly for 5 years, with one exception - I had to set up an old wifi router to get it to complete the calibration process… That was years ago, and I have never had an issue before or since.

I work in IT and have tools to check signal strength and such, there was no issue over where my GF lives, but it could not complete that calibration process, I even have wifi devices twice as far away that work just fine.

The wifi module in the GF is the cheapest junk, but for the most part, it gets the job done.

The biggest and most glaring mistake is the failure to provide a way to direct connect to a source. Going only with wifi is a major failing of the design team and still leaves this as the most regrettable purchase I have ever made. It wont pick up the signal from the modem or the extender and loses connection in the middle of a print. Complete garbage!

The requirement for wifi for the Glowforge to operate has been discussed to death. Most of us do not have recurring wifi problems. I am sorry that you do, but you are the exception and not the rule. Once the file begins printing, wifi is not necessary so I’m not sure how you know you lose connection in the middle of the print. At any rate, only Glowforge support can offer additional suggestions regarding your wifi module.


I know because it tells me it went offline and ends the print

As I stated, the Glowforge does not need wifi once the print starts. Something else is going on.

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Well one thing I have learned is that IT and engineers have something in common they know everything and nothing

If your print is stopping in the middle of a print, it is not because of the wifi. You don’t need wifi once the print starts. I am saying this based on knowledge from the forum and other’s experience with knowing how the process works with the Glowforge. I am not IT nor an engineer, but have the benefit of reading lots of knowledgeable folks here in the forum.


@dklgood is absolutely correct. I’m not IT nor an engineer, either.

You can literally turn off your router once a print starts, and it will complete just fine. I have tested this.


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