Machine Overheating?

Hi… Medium Draftwood on a 15 Minute print the machine had more than normal amount of “smoke” and started beeping. I turned it off immediately. I have a smoke detector right next to it… it did not go off.
Is it possible that my venting hose is to short? The machine is in front of the window with the vent hose maybe 20 inches extended with a vent cover to keep things from
coming in. The is the second time
this has happened although the last time it just beeped once.

When was the last time you cleaned the Fans (all of them)?

Also check to make sure nothing is blocking the exhaust port outside (bird nest etc…)

I have only had it for about six weeks so I have not cleaned the fans. I did take the trey out and swept the little pieces out. It has singed a few things on the bottom of the material on very small jobs.

Maybe its the vent cover- I cant see if it opens and closes from inside. If I get brave - I will turn it back on and run out and look.

What’s the temperature in the room by the Glowforge?

And what’s the temp outside?

Everything went wrong at once - I want to try and address this because I have a few jobs I need to get done this weekend. If I have some typos and mixed up sentences - one of my dogs can’t open his mouth and I just got back from the vet. Stressful happenings.

I started a 37 Second engrave and ran my short legs out there as fast as I could. The vent is opening. There was a warning on the app screen when I turned it back on but it went off so fast I could not read it.

I’ve added photos and I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the venting that I have going on.

Also, is there a way that someone see the error on support end?

First Photo: the job I was doing…it engraved and cut the first 2…the third it engraved but did not finish cutting because I turned it off because it was beeping and I could see the haze in there.

Second Photo is of the inside vent configuration.

Outside is the vent and it is blowing open.

  • ignore my filthy window. I’m 5/2 and I can’t reach the windows in this house and nobody else cares.*


c.jpeg) IMG_0149

I left a photo off…I will include it.

It has been about 65 in the house (forced menopause) and it was probably close to that outside at the time.

I am in OKC…

Left the freaking photo out again…

Just a thought: Wind? Is it possible that, even though the vents are opening, outside air pressure is keeping the exhaust from escaping?

You won’t have a problem with “Too short”.
And that smoke detector laying right there didn’t go off?? Could you clearly see smoke being sucked out to the left?

How long it has been sitting there is irrelevant.
WHAT you have been doing with it is.
Here is my exhaust after about a dozen or so deep 3D engraves in a row.

That BEEP is a concern though. I have never had it beep even when it was so dirty the smoke was trailing out of the seams.
Beep sounds more like a temperature thing mentioned above.

You may have to clean it, as well as open the lid and let things warm up a little before doing a project.


It could be…we are in Oklahoma. My 37 second job blew out strong and we had a bit of wind then.

I thought it was the smoke detector at first but the beeping stopped the minute I turned the machine off.

It was a stressful few minutes. The smoke was more on the right I think.

This all happened at the same time my dog came in and informed me he had lockjaw.

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I have never heard either of the machines I used beep.
There is a speaker in the build, but as far as I know it’s not used… yet.

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Is it just me or is that detector not activated? I think I can see an activation pull-tab on the bottom of that. Might not be though.


You might want to make sure the air intake under the machine (bottom right) is not blocked by anything. The machine needs that area to be clear in order to pull air through and drive the smoke out the vent.


OUCH! Should have put my ear protection on first!
Yes it works…but that was good of you to point out. It would be beyond stressful to burn the house down.


This is silly - but just to be safe the machine is facing me - the filter hose in on my left - is that the area you are talking about?

There is nothing on the table with the machine except for the smoke detector. I did put a curtain up in the window just in case the sun coming might be a problem. It’s not touching the machine.

Wow…Well, I know what my husband is going to be doing Monday night BEFORE he watching football. Cleaning the Glowforge…

It just does not seem like I have done that much with it. Most of the work has been in plexiglass. I did a few harry potter signs 10X10 on the Proofgrade Medium basswood.

Is there a way to tell how many hours it has been used overall?

Have you ever seen IT on Netflix? Your profile photo looks just like the IT guy when he is saying " have you turned it off and back on again?" lol.

Thanks for you input

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The air intake in just underneath the right side. It’s a grill opening that you can’t see unless you lift the unit. But if it were completely blocked with a sheet of paper or something there might be insufficient intake air to exhaust. The weird thing is that none of us have ever heard the machine beep. That might be a sensor warning of some sort. You don’t have the unit sitting on something do you? There is only an inch of clearance at the bottom to suck in the air and that needs to be completely clear.


It’s sitting on the table with the smoke detector and nothing else. It actually takes up the whole table top with about a 8 inch margin on the sides and maybe 4 in the front and back…

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