Machine parts move, but not cutting?

This is a last ditch effort because unfortunately Glowforge isn’t budging on helping (as many before me and probably many after me have found or will find out), I have to pay to ship the unit back to them and receiving a refurbished unit in return. I don’t have the money to ship it to them and I was wondering if anyone else was able to repair theirs without shipping the unit back?

Pretty much the machine acts like it’s cutting–it goes through the movements, but the laser is not coming on. They weren’t able to diagnose it remotely–big surprise.

Voiding the warranty matters not to me, since it’s already outside of its viability-- I’m willing to try anything at this point (and not like the warranty covers literally anything anyway :upside_down_face:)

So if anyone has any suggestions–or knows of any sites that sells aftermarket parts or places in the Houston area that repairs things like this–I’m all ears!

Most likely your power supply is dead. I only know one guy who managed to install one at home, you may want to ask him. I’ll DM you his email.


These are disposable hobby machines, designed for occasional use. Many people think because they spent thousands it should last forever, but that simply isn’t the case. If you expect commercial lifespan, you need to spend commercial prices.

Your symptoms indicate a failed tube or power supply, and the machine will need to be replaced. There’s no magic solution, that’s just what happens when those components expire.


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