Machine powered off and did not restart

At 10:53 EDT my machine powered down and did not restart while I was arranging material with the lid open, after having turned it on a couple of minutes earlier. I assumed it was a firmware update but the machine did not restart within a couple of seconds as it normally would. I waited about 10-15 seconds, then cycled the power using the power switch. It fired up and appears to be working fine since (I had one successful print).

Can support please check the logs and see if there is any indication of why this might have happened? Wondering if there’s a bug that causes the update reboot to not complete if the lid is open?

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I had this same experience yesterday.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. I extracted the logs from your unit, and I was able to verify that a firmware update ran at the time you described. I’ve passed notes on this along to our team. Have you run into any trouble with your unit since this occurred?

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No further issues.

Thank you for updating us! I’ll close this thread for now, and make sure our team is aware of the snag you’ve hit. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us again if you see the same behavior.