Machine powered off during cut

Machine powered off during thin wood cut like I had been every day before… I have a plus. the gui interface showed that it finished and said cooling down, but machine is off and will not power back up. Been a few hours off. Need help…

Did it actually finish the cut before it stopped? Or did it just stop firing halfway through the job?

it stopped and turned off during cut, but gui was showing complete and cooling down. When i got out of gui and back in it was showing 30 seconds left for cut, which was odd. I cancelled and it’s showing cancelling, but machine has been off for hours… :frowning:

Okay…you said you have a Plus - that one does not have any additional cooling power, so the temperature of the room is going to be critical to keeping it running without pausing. (What you saw might have been a Pause - the unit is designed to do that to keep from overheating, and the clock does continue to run. If you do not turn off the machine or open it, it should resume printing when it cools off enough. Even if the clock has run out.)

Once you Cancel though, it stops the job.

Try to keep the room temperature in the range of 70° to 72° F (or lower) if you can. The machine heats up when it runs, and when the temperature gets close to the limit (75°F) it can trigger a pause.

If it does pause again, don’t turn anything off or open the lid, but you can point a fan at the lower right side of the machine underneath to blow cooler air into it. The cooler the air, the faster the unit will cool off and the printing will resume.

Support might have some more suggestions for you too.

thank you. But the machine is physically off now. unlugged for hours, plugged back in won’t power on… Is there a reset or something? It has been physically powered off for 2 hours…

Not sure if it has cooled enough. Try opening the lid and letting any hot air out for a while. If the room temperature is too close to the limit, it might not power on. Or it might be the power supply. Support is probably going to have to walk you through the next tests for it…I can’t see the logs, so unfortunately, I’m just guessing. Sorry. They might have to look at it.

Thank you… I’m hoping its not power supply. Only had it since March 2019 and used sparingly… What is the best way to get support involved? I clicked the support tab and sent email I guess, Is that my only option at this point…

That’s one way, and posting here opened another ticket for you. As soon as they see it and look into it from their end they will get in touch with you. (Usually within a day, these days.) Just keep an eye out for an email from them or a yellow post here. Those are from support.

Appreciate it… I’ve never luckily had to deal with any issues whatsoever, so a little freaked out that I’m freshly out of warranty and this happens… just got business finally going locally and this… Dead in the water… I’m hoping it will remedy itself, but don’t feel good about it…

They’ll help you out if they can, but there are usually some significant pauses in the conversation while they are sorting out the details of what happened, and setting up what is needed to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Try not to fret about the quiet spaces. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m so sorry that your unit isn’t powering back on. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.