Machine running but not cutting

I am cutting 1/6" acrylic and all was working well, but the laser stopped worked. The carriage is still moving, as if it’s doing something, but it’s not cutting. I turned it off, let it set for a while, turned it back on it cut one piece. So I decided to try and cut an entire sheet, but it just cut 1 1/2 pieces and then the carriage kept moving, but the laser was no longer running.

Sounds like a failed tube or power supply - either will require machine to be replaced.

As it appears you’ve been here since the beginning, the numbers I’ve seen thrown around for refurb machines are quite reasonable, especially considering it had an estimated life expectancy of 2 years.

Support will likely ask for pics of a print attempt on the spare draftboard they provided with the machine.

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is it overheating? or did the power somehow get adjusted to a very low level?

Geez, I hope not. I didn’t know they are only supposed to last 2 years. This sucks.

Thanks so much taking the time to reply.

It doesn’t appear to be overheating. The power is at the same level.

I guess it’s time to contact support.

Thanks so much taking the time to reply.

Many owners (myself included) have had them for over 4 years with no issues. That was just the posted expectation back at the start. I just completed a job with no issue - so that’s 4yrs, 3months for me.

It was designed as a light-use, crafting machine.

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Somewhere, somehow, user parsing of one sentence by the CEO has given the impression that the tubes will only last two years. They would be rated for two years by the manufacture at a certain power, certain operating temperature, with a expected operating duty cycle. I liken it more to a soft guarantee by the Chineese manufacturer to GF for the entire tube batch rather than a prediction of failure. I haven’t been impressed by the quality assurance for the GF units coming off the trucks but given the limited anecdotal reports of tube failure or degradation, it sure looks like the tubes are holding up very well.


I think based on troubleshooting, it is the tube. I just ran the GOGM print and sent a video to GF. I’m not waiting for good news.

Thanks so much for your replies.

I’m sure that they try and guess on the low side. That being said, I think it is the tube, but I know support will let me know for sure.

Thanks so much for your reply.

It’s unfortunate, but there are tens of thousands of these machines out there.

Stuff breaks. There’s a thread on fridges right now where I mentioned I had a dishwasher fail after probably 20-30 cycles.

The Glowforge is quite a delicate instrument.

So true.

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