Machine Screw Mount

Needed to mount a part to a machine, so I developed this method of making a countersunk screw profile perpendicular to the plane of my material. Cut with 1/8" acrylic.

This is a small sample piece - many of the layers can be thicker and larger to your needs. Makes for an easy way to mount to an existing base (in my case a machine).
The rectangular “washers” in the interior guide and hold the screw in position. You can adjust tolerance or turn into slot for less precise mounting.

10-32 machine screw 1-1/2" long. You can adapt to any screw - even self-tapping if needed.

0.125 x 0.625 slotted spring - you can adjust to other pins or other screw mounting.

Machine Screw Perpendicular


Nice. You could sneak some delrin in for the middle layers if needed…

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Agreed good thought. I’ve used delrin pins before also.

I like the firm hold of the circular pins - tension is consistent over time and wear in the holes.

I’ve also cut a hex shape in layer to hold a nut and keep it from spinning to receive a smaller machine screw.

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Nice little mount. Thank you.

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