Machine stuck on "focusing" even after printerhead replaced

I am at a point where I am about to request a refund on this machine. Only 2 months old and so many issues.

My passthrough feature has not been working for 3 weeks now. I am losing so much business. After replacing the printhead and mirror , I am STILL encountering an issue using the passthrough feature. I’ve plugged, replugged, thoroughly cleaned, blew dust off, practically gave the machine my own blood and still nothing. It’s incredibly diffult to reach someone whether on the phone, email, or chat.


i’m facing the same problem. I hope i get support soon, it’s so frustrating to get stucked at “Focusing”, i’ve tried everything suggested here and nothing solves my problem.

I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble and frustration after installing your new print head. After reviewing everything, I think the best next step would be to have someone from our Technical Support Engineering team reach out to you via phone. I’ve sent you an email so we can coordinate a call, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll work with you to find a time to speak soon.