Machine stuck on Scanning and Centering

All of a sudden, today, my GF started acting strange… I’ve been cutting away the last couple of days with no issues… Today, when switching in between projects and board thickness, I tried the “set focus” feature and it all went down hill from there. After that, it wouldn’t let me change the materials thickness… earlier it was stuck on my settings for 1/4"… now it’s stuck on Auto. I shut everything down, cleaned and re-booted, now It’s stuck on “scanning” or “centering” and my interface image is stuck on the last thing I cut…
I’ve cleaned everything, re-booted everything… don’t know where to go from here and have 15 orders to fill :frowning:

I came here to post this exact thing! Last night after a few successful cuts, my GF suddenly got stuck on scanning. After turning it off/on again, it never made it past that scanning/centering step during start up (you can hear the fan whirling and lens clicking like usual). Per the forum instructions, we took the following steps:

  • Turned the machine on and off
  • Moved the position of the GF away external lights
  • Removed any materials inside the bed.
  • Cleaned the lens
  • Removed, cleaned, and replaced the crumb tray
  • Reset the WiFi connection (multiple times)
  • Repositoned the printer head (after turning off) in various locations–top left, center under camera, etc.
  • Checked the 5 clips on the lid

We talked to a customer service rep who is apparently sending us a new “black cable for the lid,” but to be honest I’m not super convinced this is going to fix the issue. Would appreciate any help or insight as to what’s going on here!

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Thats an indication that it is not communicating with the GF servers. Most of the time its just a reboot of your wifi router needed to get things working. There have been a rash of black cables going bad (rubbing on the rear of the unit when opening up the lid). So I would first reboot your router then check the connections on the black ribbon cable (cable that runs from the lid camera to a bunch of other places) while you wait for GF to get back with you on this post.


Thank you. I will check those and see if I can see anything that looks off.

Hi @KimberK, I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.