Machine to do tumblers

This question is probably for the developers
does Glowforge happen to have a machine in the works that can engrave on items like tumblers or glass cups?
I love my machine,but have hit the limits on what it can do,we want to engrave tublers but we dont have the room under the laser to do so.

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No, they do not make such a device. Several people have come up with their own but it involves cutting the bottom of the machine out, except for engraving smaller items like shot glasses.


I sort of feel like if there were plans for this they wouldn’t tell us. Since they just introduced a new machine that is much smaller and cheaper than the Glowforge I think they have been concentrating their efforts in that direction.


thanks for the info,I have done shot glasses on my machine and they turn out great,just wanted to do something bigger for our small business


thing is I see alot of machines similar to glowforge in size and price and they are much deeper to be able to run larger items and also have a add on for rotary items like tumblers.

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No one here knows. They just released an all new machine with retail channel support and no news leaked until a couple of days before. If they do have such a machine in the works, they won’t tell us until it’s available… They do not even discuss what is coming up in the next software release.


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