Machine troubles

Is anyone else having issues with their machines right now? For almost 2 weeks now, I have to log off and turn my machine off in between projects. It just keeps spinning and says scanning. If I turned it off AND log off the site, it comes right up. This is super annoying. Any help?

Try working through the suggestions in this thread. Likely a wifi issue based on your comments.

thanks> i read through a few of these. I do not “think” its a wifi issue bc I am not having any other issues BUT I did have my daughter help me not that long ago and I can’t remember if I was having this trouble then or not but I asked her to open the lid for me and it was like she was trying to let an elephant escape, I hope its not a cable issue. I will do some cleaning and see if thats it first.

I’m so sorry you hit this snag. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge for review. It appears your unit was running into an unstable connection issue, but is now connected. I noticed that you’ve been able to print since contacting us. Could you let me know if you’re still experiencing trouble?

Given’s supports response, if you are still having issues, I suggest using your phone as a wifi hotspot and connecting the Glowforge (but only the Glowforge) to that. Repeat the wifi setup process and connect it to the phone.

Many people - myself included - have perfectly reliable wifi but have had issues with the Glowforge. In my case, it only occurred when I ran the camera calibration process, otherwise it has been 100% reliable for over two years. I had to use a different connection just to complete that process, but many have found their “usual” wifi simply won’t work reliably with the Glowforge, despite having no other problems.

I have been able to print the whole time that I have had the issue, I just have to turn off the machine and the browser in between each project. I have not tried it today but I will in just a few.

I actually have two different internet connection points at my house and I have had the same issue with both sources.

In my limited understanding a WiFi environment can be pretty complex. Airtime is a dynamic factor, and for an insight on that subject I found this article educational.

There is a video at the bottom that gets technical, but the first 15 minutes will give you a good idea of the basics that are easy to grasp.

The more I learn I begin to better understand why many users encounter operational issues which are almost always due to their own specific WiFi environment which is a huge variable.


yep, I’m having the same problem and support told me that it’s the black cable on the lid that has a problem. I have my machine for a little over a year and my waranty just expired. :frowning:

my cable seems to be fine as far as i can tell. I hope thats not it. I had already heard of the cable issue so I try to not open mine very wide.

now its just saying offline completely. I have tried my home internet as well as my phone hotspot.

Thank you so much for sending this information over. I see that you’ve reached out to us directly via email, and I’ve sent over the best next steps there. I’ll close this thread for now.