Made a bingo board for pulled balls

I made this to replace the paper version that came in my son’s game. part is excel, saved as pdf and added the cut circles in the glowforge app…is there an easy way to share this file? i fear that i only shared a picture of the artwork, not the cut instructions…Newbie trying to learn…

Bingo Board.pdf (62.2 KB)


You can add the pdf to the your post, just click the edit link at the bottom of your post, move to the end of your post and and drag the pdf into the window or click the upload button.

Thanks for the tip…I edited and posted the pdf; howevert I added the cut out circles to it from the glowforge app. Is there any way to share that file from the design center?

No, you can’t export designs from your GF “Design Library”.

This is where something like inkscape is really handy… this would be pretty easy to recreate there.


(click to download)

I went ahead and recreated it with your pdf and color coded things to get things in the correct order for cutting.

The first action will be for the engraves.

The blue lines are a cut, the green outline is a cut.

You could probably seriously speed this up by replacing the engraved grid with a score, but that’s up to you as a design decision, so I didn’t alter that part.


Awesome, thank you! I will have to start learning inkscape for sure. Thanks again!! :slight_smile: