Made a "fake book" container box

I did the prototype here in draftboard, uses up most of the sheet.

Friction fit top is quite tight. Tighter than I want, it’s kinda a pain to put on, but I think most of that is due to improper gluing of the inner sleeve.

My plan is to do a design for the cover and etch that into walnut veneer, cover the front, spine(s) and back in the veneer. This will get rid of the “dashes” on the front and back covers.

I originally didn’t account for the length of the “teeth” (1/8th inch) with the sleeve and spine pieces, so those were too big. I also miscalculated how many teeth pieces I would need and only cut 4 (needed 8). All these are solved in the final .svg and it still fits on one piece of Proofgrade.

The Plan:
This is for carrying my group’s D&D minis to games (as well as my dice), so the interior will be a custom cut piece of foam to protect the minis.

This is the third box project I did, and I keep learning more and more each time. I use one of the box generating websites as a base and then modify stuff as needed in Adobe Illustrator. One thing I have to get used to is simply how much material is used to make one thing on the :glowforge:. Coming from 3D printing where a 1KG spool will last me a near lifetime, I see myself blowing through :proofgrade: faster than I can have it shipped out.


Great looking container! Will you be making separators for the inside?


I have some foam that I plan to custom cut to the interior dimensions and the make cuts on to fit minis and dice.

It will be my first non-:proofgrade: cuts and cuts without the crumb tray so I am nervous and procrastinating that part.

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What will you do to the exterior? Maybe applying a nice cork fabric to give it an aged look. :sunglasses:

A design in walnut veneer to cover the cover, spines and back. Still working on that though.

it would be interesting to do a " living" hinge underneath and thin walnut veneer on top while its curved so it would have the curves of a real book :slight_smile: