Made a new top for my fishtank

So a long time ago I chipped in on an Indiegogo for a EcoCube C fishtank and I love the tank. But I wanted a better way to set up an auto feeder. So I was sitting there thinking… I have a Glowforge… I mean, why couldn’t I just make one… so this happened.

Anyway - more details…
Blog entry on the Fishtank top

That was a fun and easy project.


Looks great! :grinning:

Nice work, makes total sense when you see how it works on the blog link.:fish::tropical_fish:

Excellent job! I enjoyed the writeup.

Nice job checking something off your list of things to do someday. Hope you can check even more off with your Glowforge!

Absolutely. Thanks for getting it out. I am enjoying playing with a bunch of the maker tools for home/consumer. You had recommended inventables way back - I ended up with a carvey and have enjoyed it as well.

I’ve prototyped a bunch of things for myself and others. And, made tons of personalized giveaways for charities. It’s been wonderful.

I look forward to the evolution of the software. I know you already have a ton of ideas “in the hopper” and I look forward to seeing some (many) of them come to fruition with time and I hope your company thrives so exactly that can happen. :slight_smile:

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