Made a tray for a laptop dock and mounted it to the bottom of my desk

My desk has been an absolute mess of wires and hardware. The worst offender was a dock I had to buy to connect my keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, and eventually a webcam. Then the dock connects all that via a single cable to my laptop. Really simplifies the unplug-and-go. BUT it was a nightmare of cable management.

So I built this!

(I messed with the lighting in a few of the pictures so you could see better)

There’s usually also a powerstrip in the same area. I need a few zipties, then I’ll be mounting that upside down below the desk to hide that


Excellent solution! “Under-counter / under-shelf storage is a great way to go.


Excellent solution! I like getting everything out of the way.


Practical organizational cut for the win.


Great practical cut!

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I’m curious, is it held together by friction or glue?

Friction! Good ol’ .122 inches.

I didn’t want to glue it because at some point I may need to get the dock out. Right now, it’s held in place pretty tight.

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