Made an Owl Trivet out of 6” Mexican Tile

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I used Dylusions Ink Spray then easily wiped off the excess. I made this for my daughter hooo loves owls :wink: lol


Here’s a truer photo of the colors


Oh that’s a good result, well done. How long did you let the ink stay on before wiping?

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sprayed and wiped immediately. It’s dye based, so I didn’t want it to stain anything else but the lines.

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I used speedball water based ink once. It worked but wasn’t terribly color dense. The end result was a silvery grey that I like but was unintended.

I tried stamp ink once too, it was ok but against not as dense as you’re seeing here. I may have to get some of that spray stuff of yours.

That color is beautiful.

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If it helps at all, I did two passes on the Glowforge - Full power, 200 speed. The dye inks are called Dylusions Ink Spray by Ranger.

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That is a beautiful owl!

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Thanks for sharing that Dylusions works…I have some other spray inks, but haven’t tried any of them yet… Your owl is great! I am sure your daughter will be delighted!