Made "for" a glowforge

Ok like I am sure many of you, I have a shop full of odd size scraps as well as PG materials and other materials I use for my GF. Honestly the shop wasn’t that organized before I got this thing and now its really getting out of hand with all this new material. So I decided to make a rolling drawer design I had been thinking about for a while. I had some old garage door rollers I had replaced with quieter ones so here it is. Must say it serves its purpose. Will need to do some more upper drawers as well but for now I have a place to keep all those sheet goods and scraps.


Everyone needs to organize or control it in some manner. Really starts to accumulate.
Looks like you may have it under control.

I use a triple zone method for the scrap. Rather simple.
Plastic + Leather pile.
Wood pile.
Single empty soda can box (2 inches? maybe 3?) full of smaller mixed scrap.
If it stacks too deep and looks like a third pile or another box is needed, time for triage.
More satisfaction in burning than just tossing in the dumpster. (your mileage may vary).

Interesting quote, for me at least. I had to really sort and manage inventory and tools initially to make room for this machine and its acquired materials. It seemed to absorb about a quarter of the shop area before it was done.
However, I can safely say the shop is more organized now than it has been since I installed the benches.
Thanks @dan.
Seriously, it actually helped a lot lol…


Very nice solution!

Great idea! I use something similar for my Kitchenaid, but it was pre-GF. :grinning:

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