Made for my sister for the Eagles victory


My sister lives near Philly and is a huge Eagles fan. Since this is their first Super Bowl win, and I have a laser, thought I’d make her something special.


Wow, most impressive! This belongs in the Made On A Glowforge category, so everyone can ooooh and aaaah.


Since I used manual settings I put it in here


Yes, but if you don’t talk about the settings, you are welcome to put the project in MOAG.


Done! :grin:


I really, really dislike the Eagles (and the Patriots), but that looks really cool.


Wow that is stunning! (And I’m not into football either!) :grinning:


Thanks. Just need to put a coat of epoxy resin on it and it’ll be ready.


Very nice gift! Good job on it too!




Was that multiple cuts or all engraves?


All engrave






Only one thing could make it better and that would be Brady crying off in the corner. Awesome work!


Totally agree!! Sorry Pat fans!


My hubby will love that since he is from philly and an eagle :eagle: die fan lol can’t wait to receive my pro so I can make him a few eagles jobs thanks for sharing lol


I’m not an Eagles fan, but boy did they have a great season!


Yup they did lol


I don’t give a flip about sports, but your plaque looks awesome!