Made from the catalog except


I was anxious to make the chess set that I purchased from the catalog. I knew it said thick PG material, which I did not have. So I thought I would make it with the medium thick PG I got with the Glowforge package, it would just be a little thinner, right. Well all the slots were cut out for the thicker pieces and were to sloppy for the thinner ones. Well let’s put the Glowforge to work and cut filler pieces to take up the slop. It took a little more gluing and a little filling but was very pleased with the outcome. Thick PG on order for gifts for the family.


Yeah, slots and tabs are thickness dependent. Check out some of the tutorials on parametric design - those allow you to specify the material and the slots & tabs are adjusted for you. Unfortunately you can’t do that for catalog purchases.

Also unfortunate is thick PG is not twice as thick as medium PG so you can’t just cut out two pieces and glue them together.

Your solution was a clever way to deal with the issue.


Yep smart thinking! :grinning: