Made not on a glowforge but will be soon :p


I don’t have a glowforge yet but there is a proverb in my country which say approximtively (when you have bad fortune, play with a great heart).

So some things I will do more easely with my future laser cutter but today my Silhouette Portrait does the job quite good (even if there are many limits).

I’m a stencil guy. So, for my last day at work, A Tshirt and a cake home-made (on the cake, that’s me… Even now I don’t know if it’s weird or adorable :grin:)

Well, That’s my small contribution to the debate

Best regards friends from all over the world


Excellent! Love the Tshirt and cake. And stencils work great on the Glowforge so you have that to look forward to. I think your Portrait did do a good job, but you’ll find it’s faster and easier on the GF (no blades to worry about!).


That cake looks very tasty! :yum:

(And I love the stencils. You will love the glowforge for cutting those.)



For those who are interested, here is the svg’s file of the cake:


  • 200g chocolate
  • 150g semi-salted butter
  • 100g powdered sugar
  • 100g wheat flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 150 g m&m’s

preheat the oven to 180°C.
Melt chocolate and butter in medium bowl in microwave (30s by 30s with hand blending between each step) or in a double boiler.
Blend sugar and eggs.
Add the butter-chocolate mix slightly cooled
Add gradually the flour and blend to obtain a homogeneous paste
Add the M&m’s
Butter and flour the pan
Pour the batter into it.
bake about 20 min at 180°C in your glowforge, euh no, in your oven.

Let’s enjoy yourself. with this cake you can feed an entire village during a week or obstruct a vessel and arteries of your worst neighbour. But what a pleasure!!

And if you want the svg’s of my pretty face tu put in your cake, I can provide it too. but, now, when I write it, doubt invades me…



Hahaha–I think I’ll stick with the cake svg, thanks all the same!


YUM! I like the stencil of you! You look good in sugar!


At the beginning, people think that it was “Walter White” and they ask me if I was sure that it was really sugar on the cake…


REALLY great stuff. Bet you’ll get some cool things going with your 'forge!

Hey, with the shirt… What/how did you apply? Is that fabric paint? rolled/pressed on? I little hard to tell, but from the photo it looks impressively sharp!

The t-shirt is painted with special fabric paint (Pebeo Setacolor : but I don’t know if this trademark exists in US). But I have to practice a little because what you don’t see is that there are some stains. The black color is pretty simple to apply in one coat. But for the blue, it was 4 coats and 3 more occasions to do errors.
And Bingo! So It will be my favorite Tshirt to hang out and do stuff at home! The next one will be to shine in society.

One question:
I don’t remember having seen glowforge project on fabrics. I remember a post which says that it was possible but anyone has tried to “engrave a Tshirt”. Is it possible without damages? On apolar fleeze, I guess it will be possible but on cotton fabric, I doubt. Anyone?

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The pre-release machines cannot engrave on fabric yet. They are too powerful right now. They cut all the way through the fabric.

But that will change soon.


I know @smcgathyfay did some test with a non Glowforge laser and had mixed results with t-shirt material.

I have some canvas and old jeans that are begging to fall victim to the laser. I have seen some very cool results with pre-fading jeans.

There is also a film you can use on shirts to mimic screen printing. I belive it was at laserbits


I have seen t-shirts and denim jeans engraved with a laser, so I’m fairly confidant that the glow forge will get there, if it isn’t there already.


This is awesome!!!

Not gonna lie. At first I thought this was Walter White and his… “product” Haha!

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4 coats, eh? Yeah I see your point! But definitely a GREAT 1st attempt with this method!

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Nah. Everybody knows crystal meth isn’t laser safe. So the best you can do is laser a stencil for it. :wink: