Made on a Glowforge: Inlay compass roses

I drew the compass in Inkscape and imported it to the Glowforge app. I cut out 4 of them in 4 different colors of plywood. Those were Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Basswood. I then mixed and matched them and glued the pieces on a piece of Draft board. I took three of the 4 completed compasses and made these 3 boxes. They are made of Red Oak, Walnut and Bloodwood. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


These are great, it’s hard for me to choose which one i like best.


I think they are outstanding! How did you deal with kerf on the inner cut pieces?

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Lovely inlay!

Very nice group of boxes. I love the middle one.

Yep, the middle one. They are all nice though.

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I am voting far left!! Great work!!!

I just noticed that the title of the post is exactly the same as the category name. Thought I was seeing double.

Congratulations @allind256, they are all beautiful. A lot attention to detail.

Wonderful boxes

nice job! I have to learn how to do inlays!

I had two things that I solved with one solution. The kerfs made for less than ideal gaps so I just made sure the pieces were evenly spaced before the glue dried. Second, the proof grade plywood was of various thicknesses and being plywood, I couldn’t sand them flush. I ended up putting a thin layer of epoxy to fill the gaps and level the surface. Even when looking closely, the gaps in he kerfs are barely noticeable.


This is more of a puzzle than an inlay.


They all look great
I like the two darker ones the best

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Sorry, I’m more creative with my crafts than my words!

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Thanks for all of the positive comments.

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These are gorgeous!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Well done! Beautiful!

Gorgeous! I like the middle on best, as well.

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