"Made on a Glowforge" over shadows "Problems and Support"

Look at all these!

So exciting that there are so many Made on a Glowforge topics. I was getting a little glum, but wow! Forge on! Now, to just ignore until I’m done with workday…


Yeah, I’d mark that as a win for Glowforge. Congrats guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

The number of topics in “Problems and Support” still outnumber topics in “Made on a Glowforge” by 38 (2579 to 2541). That difference has been going down over the last week though. Obviously this isn’t a great measure of anything since suggestions aren’t necessarily problems, and it doesn’t take into consideration that maybe “Beyond the Manual” posts should be counted somehow as well, and it really doesn’t capture anything meaningful. But it will be a milestone of some kind when there are more topics in MOAG than PAS. I’ve been waiting until that happens to post about it.

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It also doesn’t count that a ton of very old topics (prior to production units even being delivered) aren’t categorized correctly. They were just kind of dumped there when the problems and support category was created/renamed.

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For example:


Yeah, Problems and Support and Everything Else got loaded with about 2 years worth of chatty discussions from pre-launch days. Absolutely can’t go by topic count in that category.

And over the weekend the number of topics in ‘MOAG’ now outnumbers the number of topics in ‘PAS’.

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