Made some Business Cards


Cute… you could double your reach by putting all those cutout pieces into baggies and handing those out as well!


Cool ! Got me thinking that cutting out sheets of pasta in various Sci-Fi languages and you could have something like Alphabet Soup in Klingon.


A tip for something like this to avoid flashback on the back and not have to mess with the cutout letters so much: lay the paper/cardstock on some chipboard or cardboard. It does help.

And nice design too! To know that business cards only need that much information is pretty interesting for helping with design.


On it.


If I did this, how would I calculate material thickness?

If you use the Set Focus feature underneath the gear, it will do it automatically for you. For initial placement, you can just measure the chipboard and your heavy paper and just add them up but I don’t even bother putting material thickness in any more. I just use set focus.

You can use the same settings and it won’t cut through the chipboard.

Edit: I save pasta boxes and cereal boxes for the chipboard. It is so good for many purposes. But when I get the end of a pad of paper, that’s gold.


Fun concept for your cards!

I always just use 2-ply newspaper, no other substrate. Works perfectly in my experience and generally no need to compensate for the added “thickness” since it’s near-0.

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I thought that layered paper was consider high risk for fires. Not in this case?

I can only tell you my experience. Maybe it’s the newspaper I’ve been using. Maybe I’ve just been lucky every time. This is normal grocery store kind of advertisement newspaper. So thin I didn’t even realize at first that I was using more than 1 ply. Heck, maybe 1 ply would to the trick anyway.
Test away! I’ve used it dozens of times, it seems to show up at my house for free all the time :slight_smile: , and have yet to have the newspaper catch fire. As with any material, use at your own risk.

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many layers, yes. Two or three layers, just be watchful and aware.

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is there a technique to prevent the burn on the backside? Seems like you are already using a layer beneath. My GF is coming tomorrow and cards were on my mental checklist of projects…