I made a newer style stand this time. I had the thought of something futuristic and space themed and came up with this, which I am calling MagFloat charging station. Gave it an all around offset and charge cutout gap for the bottom layer to be colored a separate color if wished to be. Kinda looks like a panel that would be in a space craft and the MagSafe and Apple Watch charger let’s them “float” in the charging zone. Hence the name I gave it. The phone and watch can be set to both directions but if the phone is turned horizontal it will cover up the center words but works great for watching videos in that mode then turn it back when done for looks and the watches strap will hang on the table in vertical mode but that makes for a quick release system then turn it back for looks.

Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out.


Again nice. But you should make your vertical “column” for the watch into an “post” instead. Many Apple watch bands do not separate. Mine is a constant loop. Maybe you could make it a post coming in from one of the bottom corners. That would allow a loop band to still attach in either orientation. (But with the column, a loop watch won’t work in any orientation.)


This is true. I didn’t think about that. Maybe a future version. Thanks for pointing that out.