Magic button unplugged

I’ve had glow forge for over a month with no problems but yesterday, somehow the arm hooked the cord of the magic button. It went off track but I don’t think it damaged anything,
but it unplugged the button. Is there anyway to access that area? I can’t see where it goes. It would be ridiculous to have to send it back just to plug in that cord. I’ve sent a message to Glowforge and waiting to here from them but any help would be appreciated.

For future reference, you just opened a duplicate support ticket by posting here in Problems and Support. I try to let people know, because 1) it slows down their support efforts since they have to resolve all the duplicates and 2) now they’ll close this one and continue via your email ticket, and we’ll never know the resolution, which is sad because it’s an issue I’ve never seen come up before!

Good luck, I hope you get it resolved quickly!

Unless there’s been a recent and significant change in design, that cable shouldn’t be anywhere near the carriage rail - and there’s hardly any slack.

Unfortunately it plugs in to the board below the black cover, about halfway down the side of the machine. It would take a lot of disassembly to get to it.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.