Magnanimous Offer

Hi @Dan,

reading these forums it appears that you are looking to test the Glowforge, its software and other details by sending the units to makerspaces etc before sending out to the general population.

As I know you will also want to check the international shipping process as well, I hereby offer to let you ship me my Glowforge during the first tranche of shipping. It will be a hardship being among the first to receive one of these glorious devices in the UK however I will grin and bear it just to help you out.

Its the kind of giving individual that I am :smiley:



I offered myself as an overseas shipping process alpha tester on the “live chat” during the open house “tubecast”. Funny thing, never got a reply. :frowning:

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OK. Then I’ll offer to be the test case for shipping in the deep WV mountains, one lane poorly maintained roads, only a Rural Route address and no valid GPS mapping. Will be a great test case for any carrier that has not delivered here before.


@rpegg I’m in Pittsburgh and I’ve been through WV many times and you aren’t kidding. The last time through my GPS showed me going through empty space. I’m surprised you’ve found internet there.

Thanks to Stimulus spending have 1.6 Mbs DSL now and Fiber Optics are at the corner of the property. Waiting for the local phone company to pony up money to run the fiber another 2000ft up the driveway. You can’t see another house for miles . The GPS tells me “No Route Found” as directions to the nearest town. But I’ll gladly drive out to any shipping distribution center if necessary.

You’re a giver! :smile:

Nice to see someone else in the UK buying a Glowforge! :slight_smile: Where abouts are you based? Maybe we can get both of ours shipped at the same time, since we’re both such giving individuals :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the UK too - Hastings. Although I’m moving to Malta next summer, so may have to get it delivered there if us overseas buyers are at the back of the queue!

If you are missing one unit for a minimum weight restriction or something to the UK, you can sign me up too! :smiley: I`m in Brighton.

I’m also I in the UK in Leicestershire, and looking forward to getting the Glowforge, you can add me to the UK Shipping to boost the numbers
Cheers. Steve

I’m based in Gravesend although we may be moving to somewhere else in Kent in the next few months. Looking at shop premises right now. One (sensible) idea that I thought of to help with shipping was to have a location where several glowforges were delivered (probably palletted) where new owners could come and pick them up from. This might bring the cost down however there is a lot of trust involved. While I would love to lower the cost of shipping I realise that @Dan and his company can’t open themselves up to potential legal issues shipping someones glowforge to someone else.

However I don’t want to speak for him and if GF are willing to entertain such a possibility I’d be happy to work with them on that.