Magnet box


Magnet :package::slightly_smiling_face:


Oh man, do I ever need that one. Those little #%&@# things bite. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I just stick them all over the sides of the cart I have the GF on (the Husky 48" tool chest). Then just slide them off and pop them onto the material when needed. Always handy.

The Redsail is a metal case so there are magnets all over that puppy :smile:

If I put them in a box I’d lose them and have to buy more. Pretty much the story of everything I buy that I put in a safe place :blush:


I screwed a metal bracket I found at the hardware store to the side of my wooden :glowforge: table. Always close by.


I read it as “magnetic box.” ha ha
Nicely done.


After you put those things in it - it is!
I found mine delivered in a package stuck to my front door about waist high.


Haha–speaking of magnets, I just got a set of the large (I think 1 1/2") neodymium magnets after reading @rpegg’s recommendation. Very first time I opened the package I managed to give myself a contusion on my thumb when they jumped together. I have since wrapped each one in duct tape with a side flag to make them easier to handle.

This was my second shipment. My first got lost in transit. I figure they didn’t package them with enough insulation so my magnets are still riding around the delivery truck clamped to the side wall or something.


Sorry. They work great to hold down thicker warped plywood. But you need strong fingers and fingernails. Keep them at least 3" away from each other. They are thin but will slide across a table about a million miles an hour seeking companionship.


Yep, I have been pinched with a tool hard enough to bleed, but two of those came together and pinched a hole in my fingertip. A life first for magnets to draw blood.


I got cut by shrapnel when a couple of the too large bar neos jumped across the freaking desk and met with a bang. (Got rid of the other unopened package.)

Yeah, neodiddliums can draw blood. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, the alloy is very brittle. I started keeping pieces of them stuck to machines that have a dedicated tool like a drill press, lathe chuck and scroll saw blades too.


I had one embedded in my CNC router waste board to hold down the scrap inside a circular cut out when milling hundreds of them. One day I accidentally milled straight through it. It produce a bright white glow that I could see through my dust shoe wall, which is white ABS.


Wow, that’s bright! I can imagine the surprise.


ha ha ha…some delivery man has a sense of humor. That’s funny.


Those bad boys are great for doing the flipping coin trick with kids! Reverse polarity down then with another in the other hand do a magic wave under your hand and Flipydoo!


Gees…great idea. I recently bought some, too…I think about an inch across. And I also did the same thing…gave myself a tiny blood blister on my finger. I keep some much less powerful ones stuck to my carpenters square which I use in the GF bed when I have something smaller to keep ‘square’ on the bed.

Ha ha! I think that was a @marmak3261 moniker, if I recall correctly. I love it!


Yes, he was the originator. It’s one of my favorite words now, along with snortle and a couple of other phrases that I’ve picked up from knowing the folks here for the last couple of years. :smile:

(I caught myself saying “Can confirm.” to my neighbor the other day.) :rofl:


Ripped it off a YouTube channel: AvE. He is quite the word smith.


Well, no matter…it’s a good one and let the ‘ripping’ continue. I shall pass it down to my children and it will become part of their regular vocabulary until someone questions it. Ha! Long ago, the word ‘update’ became convoluted (long story) and to this day, everyone in our family still says ‘updoot’. We know it’s not the right word, but it’s sure a lot more fun that way.


Now i want to know the story. :wink: