Magnetic ball clock

I’m thinking about making one and if it works out I’ll do some up for Christmas gifts this year.

Just over a week later. It is still running. Has been fairly accurate, except once when the hour hand was behind significantly (until it reached the check point and fixed itself). Not clear how to fix that beyond having it reset the hour hand every 3 hours of so to reduce the chance of such error. That function seems to work well (i.e. big movements seem to be less error prone than small ones)

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Wow! Smart people rock. This is such an interesting and cool build. Thank you for taking the time to share and document your process.


This project reminded me of a watch I wanted (and still kinda’ want) a couple years ago. It was originally designed for the blind but I love cool unusual watches. The Timepiece – Eone (


The eone was designed in collaboration, or for, a swimmer we know, Brad Snyder. Brad has an incredible story and his book is worth the read.


Really super cool.