Magnetic Grocery List

I’m ecstatic to share! !
I created this using the GlowForge software!

This morning when I was grabbing the eggs for breakfast, I realized we were almost out. So, I thought I need to jot that down… we usually have a piece of paper attached to the fridge. I thought - hey, couldn’t I just make something out of acrylic?! Yes… yes I can :slight_smile:
I superglued another magnet on my pen - now it’s all in one place, we can even take it to the store to check off our list! :slight_smile:

The only thing I’d like to improve is the ugliness of superglue drying…
I engraved on the back of the acrylic & mirrored the text :slight_smile:



Very clever! I never thought of using dry erase markers on acrylic…

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I’m seriously gonna have to try this. Awesome creation!

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Would love to see what you make!
The #1 request I’ve received is to make it bigger. :sweat_smile:

Yah! It’s functional and fun! I used wet erase so it doesn’t smudge.
Another popular thing I’ve seen are these writing tablets


Great idea. we need a way to list our leftovers AND groceries.

and I already have magnets.

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Took a stab at it this evening. I couldn’t help but put a note at the bottom because I constantly forget something at the store.