Magnetic knife racks

Hello again! Last time i posted the rack i created for holding all of my cork fabrics.

Now, here is one of the projects i have been working on with the cork fabric. Magnetic knife racks. These were fully created with the GF. Original design was three pieces: 1/2" maple for the face, with two 1/4" pieces of oak behind that for the keyhole hangers.

THEN i figured out how to cut the keyhole into a single piece of 1/2" maple. Cutting my materials down to two pieces. The magnets are glued into the face(GF cut hole makes the fit TIGHT!) Then covered with a strip of veneer and then covered with a cut of cork fabric,engraved with my logo. The pieces of the rack are glued together, but I also cut holes and put them together with dowels(to add that old timey work worker feel). Just a small amount of sanding work and these are a blast to make!

After many trials and mistakes and giveaways to friends, i finally have these at a point where i feel good about selling them!
These i will be producing and selling to kitchen professionals(and home cook/knife enthusiasts) as most of what i make will be geared towards.

Thanks for looking!


Great combination of form and function delivered in an attractive package combining materials. Those are terrific.


Ditto! Looks great.

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Very attractive with the cork!

SWEET! Love this design.

This is pretty awesome! I have one that I purchased in New Orleans that we haven’t hung up yet, and love the concept. Thanks for sharing!!!