Magnetic Poster Frame


I made designed this picture/poster to be easy to make and not require any glue! The only things you’ll need are

  1. 1/8’’ draftboard or wood. I used 1/8’’ MDF from Home Depot because it is dirt cheap, but any draftboard, plywood, or hardwood will do.
  2. 10mm (diameter) x 3mm (thickness) round magnets (I used these magnets)
  3. Twine

The top of the frame and the bottom of the frame are each made from 4 pieces. The top back of the frame for example is made from two strips of wood connected using 4 rectangular ‘dowels’. The two magnets are pressed into the holes (the holes are slightly smaller than the magnets, so they are held in by pressure alone). The grooves show in red in the SVG file are placed facing towards each other forming a channel for the twine to be passed through. The twine is then knotted at both ends, creating a nice hanger for the frame.

I used the proofgrade settings for ‘medium draftboard’ (this works well for the home depot 1/8’’ MDF). The only change I made was I changed the number of passes for the channel engravings (in red) to 2, this will made a deeper engraving which wall accommodate thicker twine.

I like this design because I can add my own text or designs to the front of the frame. I also like not having to use glue, but you could easily alter the design to remove the square holes if you want to assemble yours using glue.

This is my first contribution to the glowforge community, let me know if you’d like any clarification or more instructions!

-Rebecca (@TheShoop) (1.4 MB)


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for this excellent minimalist frame file. I’m sure many people will find it quite useful.


Absolutely wonderful, thanks…


Hi Rebecca, thank you, and Welcome! :grin:


Great idea for posters!


What a great idea! I love the design and smart use of magnets. Awesome share (and cute sheep too). Thank you!


Very cool idea, and I even think I understand how it works. Would you be willing to post a picture of the back?


The back side just looks identical to the front. Here are some more photos of the back top piece (that’s the most complicated piece). It is a bit confusing to figure out how all the pieces fit together from looking at the SVG file!


Welcome to the forum! A great idea!! Thank you for the share.

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Oh this is very cool. Thanks for your generous share!

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clever, thx for the design.

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Oh, great big hugs to you. This is perfect for displaying some of my smaller weaving pieces (samples from classes, etc).

Fantastic design and a good use of HD MDF

That is really clever! Thanks for the file.

now we need to engrave some leather so it looks like it is holding some kind of ancient Runes. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much and welcome to the forum.

Ah, I understand now - I thought there was some sort of vertical bar as well as the two horizontal.

This is even better because size is irrelevant! :smiley:

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This is really clever, thank you for sharing!

Really Great idea! Thanks for the share! Welcome to the community!

This is really cool! I’ve never thought about hanging a poster this way. Thanks! Welcome!

Cool! Thanks for the share!