Magnificent factory tour (Carvera)

Not the Glowforge factory (hey @dan, you should invite Scotty to see yours), but a fantastic look at many manufacturing steps for a CNC machine. I have a Carvera and it is quite impressively well built, so it was exciting to see how they do it.

The infamous granite slabs make an appearance here too.


Very interesting.


Looks like a cool machine too


Thanx for posting that. I would have come across it in a bit but saw it here first.
This is my last major smart maker tool before retirement. If I want something else it will have to be with me producing some cashflow with them.
Seems to be a great machine, I just need more time with it.


Thanks for the share. Love watching how things are made and put together. Am I the only one that is actually surprised the cost of the product isn’t even higher given the manpower needed for assembly? Yes, I realize it is Made in China.

Would be great to see the Glowforge factory and assembly. I think we would understand our machines much better, especially for those of us without as much technical knowledge.


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