Magvent winter update

So in the warmer months, I’ve waited for my filter just by using a magvent through my screen.

Enter sub-arctic temps and obscene windchill, and a cut or engrave can become very uncomfortable very quickly. I needed a bit of an update.

Enter Harbor Freight Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting, a little time with a utility knife, and some ingenuity. It isn’t perfect, but it is at least a good proof of concept.

I’ve got a few things I can do to get the edge a little better, but it keeps all wind out. The cold seepage is only enough to make the floor a little colder under the carpet. If I keep the drapes cold and wear socks, I cannot tell the difference. I use a piece of leather as a blast gate. I pull it out when I am cutting, and put it in when I am not. The inside of my :glowforge: is room ambient temps, even with 20 or more below windchill and base temps below 0. So long as I make sure of the magnet seal before cutting, no smell or fumes escape inside.


Like a double hung window, the other edge of that sliding door has a gap now too.


Thanks for the reminder. I will have to check that.

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This is what I will need to do myself. The apartment I have only has sliding glass doors for windows. Thanks for sharing your project.