Mahogany, Ebony, and Brass Engagement Ring Box



I didn’t laser cut anything on this project, but wanted to share an engagement ring box I made. Almost all of the parts could have been designed for and cut on a laser cutter, but since I was trying to get acquainted with designing tool paths for the CNC mill at work, I went ahead and milled everything. I intend on redesigning this for the laser cutter (sans pins) once I get my GF.

I didn’t approach this with the idea of writing a tutorial, so there are some pretty substantial gaps, but you can get an idea of the process here:


Beautiful! Nice job on that! Congrats on her saying yes!
What kind of Mill you running? I have a Haas TM1P and an old Bridgeport explorer.


Thank you! It’s a ProtoTRAK. I’m not sure of the model as it’s not my mill, but I love working on huge metal-working tools because they’re just so rigid!


Very nice work! Congratulations! I have so many things I want to make that have the iris opening. It is really cool to see it used for a ring box. :ring:


Oh, this gives me ideas. :slight_smile:


Oh, me too! Love the irising effect on boxes! That’s gorgeous! :smile:


Love that design. Sparks all kinds of ideas.


Very cool project. I really like the looks of the cylinder with the brick pattern. Thank you for sharing. :grin:


Oh wow, that is SO cool! Just the type of thing I would expect to see in the Design store.


Congratulations! Very nicely done. The only other thing you wouldn’t be able to do besides the pins, would be to cut the brass. You could however, cut a nice filigree pattern onto some chemical resistant masking film and etch, or sandblast, it into the surface of the parts.


Thank you! Yeah, you’re right about that. Before milling the brass, I did a test cut of the leaflets from some 1/8" walnut scrap and they looked pretty nice.


Thanks, @cdoug, @Jules, @kennethclapp, @davidgal2, @cynd11!!


“I’m going to throw up!” Is true love. That’s the same thing my wife said when seeing our firstborn!


Amazing craftsmanship. My wife would love it - I haven’t met her yet - but I know she would.!!!


To substitute for the pins consider acrylic rod, which can be as small as 1/16 and can be cut to length by the GF


Oh wow, this is gorgeous!!! Amazing job!

Another substitute for the pins could be piano wire- can’t laser cut them but a nice hefty pair of wire cutters’ll snip through them like butter :slight_smile: Although I’ve never tried sanding them down to be flush with a surface, so it could take some adjustments.


That is wonderful! I love the minimal design of it, yet it is very elegant. Great job.


Should have made it with sharp blades inside…so you can say to her…" Snatch the pebble (ring) from my hand grasshopper "…ok welll maybe not…but still !


Wonderful design! Like a flower blooming. Elegant simplicity!


Wow–this is absolutely gorgeous. You could vary this design for so many different themes.