Mail sorters

We wanted to make the amount of mail storage on our entryway table smaller (so we wouldn’t stack stuff up for months and then be like, “oh, hey, here’s the power bill that was due three weeks ago”). I was looking around for appropriate products on Amazon and found this mail sorter. And I said, “hey, that’s cute, but I don’t need to buy it!” A few hours later:


Cute idea! Simple … and personalized!

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Very neat! :grinning:

I say this all the time! Well, I don’t usually use cute, actually, my wife says this for me all the time :thinking:

I’ve been wanting do something like this for a long time, like literally since I got my laser; I just haven’t done it, yet…Great work!

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Poor/Lucky Tom


He’s lucky because he’s not in charge of paying the bills. :wink:


Amazon inspires us all

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Very personal and very effective! How does Tom get any with not having any? Sad or lucky?!

Great project! Another one of those cool organizer thingys that I have not seen done yet.