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Does anyone know if the scheduled maitenance that glowforge posted is complete. On feb 12th,22 my glowforge gave me a lid open error i noticed maitenance was performed and now my lid open error is still on. It happened at exactly 10pm when maitenance was happening.

My machine worked all day until maitennace happend now my lid open error started wont turn off. It happened right at 10pm from scheduled maitennace? Is that a coincidence ?

Hamilton is EST. The maintenance was at 22:00 PST, 3 hours later.

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Sorry about your lid open error, but the timing does not coincide with the scheduled maintenance. Something else is going on.

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is there any way to factory reset the glowforge.? ive tried holding down the button cant get it to turn teal? what are the odds of 2 of my glowforge replacements having the same error? or is it just bad luck?

The lid open error is maddening because there are only so many ways you can close the lid. I think there are ways to reset the Glowforge, but I don’t think that would address the lid, and it erases the machine logs which Support needs for determining what is going on with the machine.

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thanks for all your help. Just funny how received 3rd replacement glowforge and withn 5 hrs got the same error from previous machine. its not funny kinda frustrating but i guess ill have to wait again until support contacts me. any other open lid error troubleshooting please feel free to msg me ill try anything at this point

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