Maintenance timestamp?

This morning I received an email saying the maintenance for 12-15-21 has been completed.
It says this was completed at 3:00pm PST. My email came at 5:00am CST.
The outage did not affect me.

hj maintenance - 12/15/2021

Maintenance complete
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Time posted

Dec 15, 03:00 PST

Components affected

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The message states that it was completed at 3:00 pst- it does not say pm. Also scheduled maintenance was announced at least a week ago. I am not sure what part of this announcement is worthy of additional discussion.

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03:00 vs 3:00 the first is am the latter is pm. The maintenance was from 2 am to 3 am.

Where did you get the idea it was 3PM?

The info you included/quoted in your post clearly shows 3AM (Pacific), as does the status page. 3PM would be 15:00.

Hi @hjohnson. I saw you received a message regarding some recent maintenance with the Glowforge App. I looked over the printer log files under your account and was not able to see this creating any logged errors around that same time and date. I’ll keep this open in case you notice anything occurring as you try to print. Feel free to let me know if you’re all good, and I can close this support ticket as well. Thank you!

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