Is the site having issues today? My machine was working fine day before yesterday. Today, every time I try to load something, I get the unexpected error message. I’ve been trying to use this for the last hour or two. I’ve cleared my cache in Mozilla, etc, etc. It’s kind of driving me crazy. Is maintenance going on or something?

Everything is operational right now. You can check on it anytime at this link;


Thanks for the reply. Any idea why I keep getting an error message? I don’t know what else to do…

There are no current issues. You might try a supported browser.

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I’m having the same issue!!

It’s working now. Thanks, anyway.

Hey. I got mine working again. I logged out of everything, shut down computer, powered off my modem and router… turned off the Glowforge, of course. Then, started everything back up. Seemed to work. Give that a try :crossed_fingers:

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Mozilla is Firefox. Pretty sure it is supported.


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